• Staff Augmentation
  • Contract Re-Hire
  • On-site Resources
  • Purchase Order Transactions
  • Industry Specialists
  • Short-term assignments
  • Long Term Assignments
  • Suitability Screening
  • Collaborative Resource Planning
  • Competitive Rates
  • Flow To Work
  • Resource Throttling

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Contract Engineering Services

Contract Engineering Services Company
R&D Contract Engineering


Our contract engineering services team recognizes the challenges of staffing engineering groups within large organizations. Project flow is unpredictable, research and development needs are dynamic, and budgets are not always set in stone. Instead of hiring engineers in a  permanent or full-time basis, contract engineers are typically hired to do work on a per-project contract. When your organization needs additional engineering firepower embedded within your teams, our contract engineers can deliver.



Businesses continue to hire specialized engineering professionals as per project basis. Our founders and team members are experienced working within teams of all sizes. From a small emerging business to fortune 500 companies and deployed military units. Our engineering staff has excelled as both leaders and as team members.

We are able to identify resources that are likely to share our commitment to delivery and apply them to your projects. We are also able to bring on resources identified by clients as a known fit, and immediately integrate them back into your teams.



Businesses engage SGW Designworks because we are an engineering and design company, not a staffing company. We can provide engineering resources to deliver on specific tasks for any industry. We can also integrate into your internal R&D or engineering teams without specific tasks defined.

Our rates are competitive, and we have the tools to work remotely for companies in the U.S. We are also able to work on-site, within your facilities in many cases such as with Motive Power in Boise, Idaho.

Project Examples

Just a handful of the over 200 projects we have worked on since 2008.