Kickstarter is fun for consumers. Where else do you get to browse hundreds of listings for cool or fun new products and then get to be one of the first people to buy them? Products ranging from tech gadgets to cookware to artistic products like movies and music.

For the consumer, it may seem like a fun way to shop, but for small businesses and the people who come up with Kickstarter products, it can be a make or break time for their idea.

To start a campaign on Kickstarter, your product has to be developed to some extent prior to launch. This means Kickstarter product design is essentially a way to fund the mid and late stages of developing a new product through pre-sales.

The product presented to backers is a proof-of-concept, a representation of the final product the backer wants to buy and a showpiece to get backers excited. That’s a lot of pressure for a prototype.

SGW Designworks knows Kickstarter projects and the challenges faced by businesses using the service. These projects often have limited budgets, and the goal is to make it work and look as close to the final product as possible.

Recently we were very excited by the success of the Voltaire Smart Grinder by GIR: Get It Right. The portable, high-performance coffee grinder aims to become a player in the active world of coffee enthusiasts as well as anybody who wants a quality coffee grinder. The grinder also monitors freshness which users can monitor with a phone app. The Voltaire Smart Grinder was launched on Kickstarter on June 10, and SGW Designworks has worked closely with GIR to help design and engineer the product.

The Voltaire Smart Grinder was successfully backed on Kickstarter and had 1,284 backers. Work with the Voltaire Smart Grinder continues as manufacturing ramps up, and the product is just one example of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Finding a product that customers are willing to pay for can be tricky, but once a business has come up with their product concept, SGW Designworks understands the challenge of bringing that idea to life so that when backers decide to put forward their money, they will have the confidence they are buying the dream machine they see on Kickstarter. There is a lot of good information to be found on outlets like about creating a prototype for Kickstarter.

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