In Defense Systems Development, Product Performance Is Imperative

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When lives are at stake, the quality that goes into defense systems development is imperative.

Defense products often have a unique demand from their end-user. These must be quality products that the user can depend on. Such a product can’t hinder work, and it has to be able to survive a considerable amount of abuse in its day-to-day use.

SGW Designworks has experience working on numerous defense systems projects as well as security and small arms projects. We carry a strong knowledge base on how to get the right results for a range of defense systems development projects. Experience is key when developing equipment for professionals who have specialized demands for their gear. After all, in any line of work, professionals become very familiar with their tools and want equipment that fits their needs and optimizes their performance.

Product Redesign and Optimization Services

Advanced Accuracy Solutions presented us with a unique challenge: to develop a product that enables a serviceman to accurately fire a weapon from a helicopter. This was just one of the many jobs of the Reaper Weapon Support System. The device also had to be collapsible, durable, fit a variety of rifles, and be easy to use.

Although originally intended for military applications, the Reaper can help hunters or other sportsmen with disabilities. If for some reason a sportsman is unable to lift their arms well or lacks muscular strength, the Reaper is able to support the weapon for them.

Engineering Analysis to Address Prior Product Failures

Hunters sometimes use suppressors to reduce the sound of their rifles. For law enforcement and defense contractors, suppressors help provide a tactical advantage in dangerous situations.

One company that develops state-of-the-art suppressors for a variety of applications to give shooters an important advantage approached SGW Designworks. Their product was fully developed but some suppressors in one product line failed during manufacturing testing. These failures cost the company time and money and adversely affected the number of products available for sale to their customers. Additionally, they wanted to provide uncompromising quality to their customers.

Our product design team was able to provide in-depth engineering analysis to discover the cause of these failures. Once the issue had been identified, we worked with the company to optimize their existing system to help reduce the number of defective products and get more quality suppressors to their customers.

Small Arms Development

In addition to small arms components, our engineering team has been involved in the development of small arms themselves. Sharps Rifle Company is a producer of AR-15 carbine rifles and components. The company prides itself in building a better mousetrap and when they came up with an idea to improve a complex component which had been in use for decades, SGW Designworks stepped in to help Sharps Rifle Company produce a proof-of-concept. The idea was to take the bolt and modify the bolt lug geometry it in a way that would reduce jamming without reducing lug strength.

While the idea was simple, it was unclear if it was viable, and it took extensive analysis to determine if the product would work and then define the exact geometry to make the final product successful.

SGW Designworks takes pride in the work it has done at each stage of development for its clients in defense, law enforcement, and sporting goods industries. These are products that have a big job to do and need to perform well enough the end-user doesn’t even notice they’re using them. And we’re up to the task.

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