International Business: Benefits for Our Clients and the Classroom

By SGW Team

Like most product designers and developers, we thrive in an innovative, fast-paced environment. (We are problem solvers, after all.) As such, we enjoy being presented with challenges — which is a good thing, because no two projects are the same. This means each day is always a little bit different at SGW Designworks, and this keeps things interesting.

It’s also not every day that our work as product developers intersects with the spheres of both education and international business. And it’s even less often that we’re able to interact with future product designers and developers in their very own classrooms. 

But during a special MOU signing ceremony last week at Boise State University’s College of Business and Economics (COBE), we were able to see how all three worlds can merge in a significant way — for us, our clients, and for students on campus.

Laying the Groundwork for International Business Relationships

When SMHeuristics introduced us to Taiwan-based manufacturing company Megaforce, we quickly realized the company could be a good fit for our soon-to-be-launched manufacturing management service offering.

While we specialize in all stages of product development — design and engineering — companies like Megaforce manufacture integral components of our clients’ products, such as injection molded parts and printed circuit boards. Additionally, they handle the final assembly of the product. 

Historically, our clients have sought out their own manufacturing partners late in the product development process, which has led to costly problems and, in some cases, delayed time to market. However, by providing our clients with early access to vetted manufacturers like Megaforce (and managing communication with the manufacturer throughout development), we are now closing a gap in the process.

The Main Event

While Megaforce is just one of several preferred vendors in our manufacturing network, this partnership promises to be beneficial to our clients in the months and years ahead. So we were honored to be invited to hold our formal MOU signing ceremony during Professor Jack Marr’s International Business course at Boise State on September 4, 2019. 

The event opened with remarks from COBE Dean Mark Bannister and Professor Marr. Next, students heard from SGW Designworks CEO Ryan Gray and Megaforce Director of Biomedical Business Unit Eric Chen.

To give students insight into why this partnership was formed and illustrate how international management can lead to actual business outcomes, both speakers provided overviews of their companies and answered questions from the class. When the event concluded, a number of students stayed behind to further engage with the presenters. Reporters from KIVI Channel 6 and the Idaho Business Review were also in attendance.

We’d like to thank the Boise State University College of Business and Economics, Dean Mark Bannister, Professor Jack Marr, Megaforce, and SMHeuristics for making this event possible.

In October, SGW Designworks will be visiting Megaforce HQ in Taiwan. Stay tuned for more updates in the months ahead.

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