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Assessing the Need for Change

Growth is something many companies strive for. Whether it’s reaching a revenue goal or adding additional equipment in order to meet production goals, going beyond the bounds of an original establishment is a significant part of operating a business.


Knowing when to make critical decisions can be key to fostering growth. For many business owners, this can be a very murky waypoint. Expanding a facility or purchasing new equipment (such as in a manufacturing plant) is expensive. Even upgrading to better equipment can be a very risky decision as capital equipment can cost as much as a house.


Alternatively, sometimes a business appears to be running just fine at capacity, but there may be great rewards in making a change.


SGW Designworks has encountered many companies at various stages of growth. In some cases our clients are only barely launching their company or a new product, others have been well established for years.


Making a key business decision can feel like a game of poker. Do you fold, or do you play your hand? A decision shouldn’t be a blind gamble, and it never has to be.


Development is at the heart of what the SGW Designworks team does. Although our team often focuses on the development of products, the team engages with development manufacturing capabilities as well.


When a city government is looking to purchase new vehicles or make a significant change to emergency services, sometimes they may bring in a city planning organization to come and analyze how the city’s services are currently performing to help identify if a change is really necessary. SGW Designworks manufacturing development services work in a similar way for businesses.


Our company is proud to have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are able to use as an engineering design consulting tool for our clients.


No matter where our customer is on their journey, we are always looking for ways to improve processes and create opportunities for our clients to succeed and grow.


In some cases, our team has been with new business owners as they purchased an existing business and needed assistance in setting production lines. Our team has also worked with large companies like Weyerhaeuser to aid in major changes such as a manufacturing facility move.


SGW Designworks has developed numerous product lines and facility layouts for our clients, including early options analysis to compare possible approaches and the relative benefits of each.


What makes a company development work by SGW Designworks valuable is the ability to help our customers add value to their business. Our team is able to help guide critical decisions or help highlight how improvements can be made.


Manufacturing development help provide confidence in progress. It’s a verification of reality and it’s one of the most in-depth services SGW Designworks provides.

Do you want to learn more about our engineering design consulting services from SGW Designworks? Get in touch with our team and learn more about what our company can do for your company.