Improved AR-15 Bolt System

The Improved Bolt System project focused on the development of new bolt design that improves reliability in AR-15 carbine rifles by reducing the likelihood jams from bolt lug/extension lug strikes. The project included intensive finite element analysis, material research, and geometry iteration. The project was for Sharps Rifle Company, a producer of AR-15 carbine rifles and components, which works to improve on existing components.

When Sharps Rifle Company came up with an idea to improve a complex component which had been in use for decades, SGW Designworks stepped in to help Sharps Rifle Company produce a proof-of-concept. The idea was to take the bolt and modify the bolt lug geometry it in a way that would reduce jamming without reducing lug strength.

A metallurgical analysis was also used to in the development of the Improved Bolt System.

SGW Designworks has extensive experience working with small arms and defense systems for sportsmen, military and security applications. You can read more about it on our blog.

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