Bayer Seed Grabber

Our team was approached by Bayer Crop Science to design and build a piece of custom research equipment to add efficiency in their laboratories. The device was an improved vacuum suction system used to plant large numbers of seeds accurately and consistently in a lab environment.

For farmers, every seed that fails to grow is money lost and Bayer scientists work to ensure each batch of seeds produces the highest yield possible. This requires speed and precision on the part of Bayer teams and a tool that can keep up with the pace while providing the ideal result every time.

These devices are built to be durable and easy to maintain ensuring they provide value to their users.

The optimized design developed by SGW Designworks was made in a more precise manner than the device it was replacing, allowing it to collect tiny individual seeds. The modified device was also optimized to provide even suction.

This project is just one of the innovations in agriculture that SGW Designworks has been fortunate to be a part of. Our team has also been involved in the development of implements such as GenZ Technology.

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