Cradlepoint Visual Brand Language


Cradlepoint is an undisputed leader in enterprise networking and routers. As they started to develop their next-generation 5G endpoints, their marketing group decided it was time to define a new look as forward-looking as the 5G itself. Since Cradlepoint already had worked with SGW Designworks on other enclosure design and engineering projects, they felt confident engaging for this new, larger effort.


Cradlepoint had a robust product roadmap in mind, with many products to be launched for different use cases. The product family would be broken up into a few sub-groups. Those groups would need to have a different look from one another, but also carry some common design elements. A complete brand language would need to be developed to cover not only immanent products, but also future products that had not yet been defined. The brand language would need to be compatible with the enterprise space, transportation, and other applications. On top of this, extreme durability would need to be baked-in to all of the products. Other design considerations included:

  • Mounting considerations for structures and vehicles
  • Heat management, including incorporation of cast heat sinks
  • Multiple external and internal antennae
  • A multitude of internal PCBA combinations
  • Incorporation of Cradlepoint branding


This type of project requires active engagement between SGW Designworks and the client. SGW’s development team worked directly with marketing executives and r&d leaders throughout the effort.

The products included in this effort were launched between 2019 and 2021. SGW Designworks and Cradlepoint continue to collaborate on multiple projects that focus on industrial design and engineering for enterprise IT equipment.

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