Custom Equipment for Manufacturers

SGW Designworks develops custom equipment for businesses and routinely employs Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to validate designs in virtual space. This particular example is a structural element of a complex mechanism developed by SGW Designworks for an industrial client. The system is designed to analyze material for geometric conformance, and manipulate the material until target geometry is achieved, within .004″.

The structural elements in the FEA output are the primary load carrying element for the actuators that manipulate the material.

The SGW Designworks team can bring decades of manufacturing process engineering and equipment design experience to your organization. We have engineered full product lines and managed the fabrication, installation, startup, and de-bug of those systems. We have also developed and delivered one-off custom machines and mechanisms for specific applications ranging from material manipulation to precision measurement. Our team is just as comfortable working directly with Production Managers as we are with Business Owners and startups. In all cases, we aim to develop machine solutions that meet your ROI goals and fit within the capabilities of your business.

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