Electronics Design – Rugged Tablet Charging Station

Concept development, tablet mechanical interface, electronics integration, and design for manufacture in ~ 4 months

Client – Portsmith – a designer and manufacturer of enterprise IT products

Expertise Applied


Portsmith Technologies hired SGW Designworks to develop the portDox system for docking Samsung Tablets.


SGW Designworks worked closely with Portsmith to develop this docking system for Samsung TabActive 1, 2, and 3 tablets. The primary project focus was on concept development, tablet mechanical interface, electronics integration, and design for manufacture.

electronics integration Charging Station

Results / Outcomes

  • Multiple prototype and testing cycles led to the optimal design and feature set
  • Successful launch and production ramp-up


Portsmith is well established as the source for enterprise docks and chargers for ruggedized tablets. As the Samsung TabActive product line launched, Portsmith saw an opportunity to develop a 5-slot charging dock for the innovative tablet. The effort would need to include development of the PCBA to control charging as well as ultra-durable mechanicals. The look and feel would also need to be compatible with the enterprise market in which the product would be sold.

SGW Designworks developed a complete product design that achieved the functional goals. While the PCBA design was new, it leveraged specific IP related to charging that Portsmith held.

In the late stages of development, SGW Designworks collaborated directly with Portsmith’s manufacturing group through the DFM and tooling effort.

After launch, Samsung took notice of the product, and spearheaded a marketing effort that promoted the Portsmith dock. Thousands of units were sold and are still in service today.

Hardware Developed Technologies Leveraged
Injection molded enclosureSolidworks 3D CAD
PCBASLA 3D Printing
Pogo-pin interface Altium Designer