Gas Control Cabinet System

When Internal Engineers Are Already Busy

Critical Systems produces gas control systems for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Their business has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. When they recognized that they needed to develop a anew enclosure design as well as optimize the routing and configuration of multiple products, they weren’t sure how to get it done. While their internal teams are very capable, they are fully subscribed with support of existing products and other customer facing business needs. They called SGW Designworks.

An Extension of Internal Engineering Teams

To work efficiently and to ensure that the design outputs could be quickly integrated into the client’s workflows, SGW Designworks first focused on fully understanding how the client uses production drawings and design packages. On-site observation of production teams was helpful to ensure that the work done would provide the most value possible to the client. As system design and engineering work began at SGW Designworks, frequent design reviews with the client ensures that the designs would fit the needs of their business, and would be a fit with their internal production processes. After a short period of time, a constant flow of design and engineering projects flowed from the client to SGW Designworks, with outputs flowing back to the client in a timely and consistent manner.

Problem Solved – Without Adding Engineering Overhead

The decision to hire SGW Designworks as their produce design firm allowed the client to focus on their day to day business needs, instead of overburdening their internal engineering resources. For more about why companies choose SGW Designworks as their product design company, see our product design and engineering page.


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