IoT Development – Consumer Wearables

Development of highly adaptable hardware that supported IoT integration in ~ 16 months

Client – [confidential] – A technology startup

Expertise Applied


SGW Designworks was hired by a client to develop a cloud and Bluetooth-connected wearable.


The IoT device uses a series of integrated accelerometers and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and is used to analyze user movements. The data is then sent to the user’s mobile device to provide them feedback. This project involved the integration of several components working together to collect the desired data and relay it to users in a way that addresses their needs. The hardware was developed to be highly adaptable and support the IoT integration.

Bluetooth Connected Devices

Results / Outcomes

  • Minimum-viable-product ready for large scale market testing


SGW Designworks was hired by the client company to take on complete development of a IoT wearable that assists with proper lifting posture in industrial settings. The client and project specifics are confidential.

The client had a vision for the intended function of the product, but did not have a product architecture in mind. SGW Designworks was tasked with developing:

  • The overall configuration of a sewn-goods wearable
  • Sensor placement on the body to track and lg posture during lifting events
  • PCBA design including power optimization
  • Bluetooth communication to smartphones
  • iOS and Android app architecture
  • Firmware development

SGW Designworks worked through multiple prototype iterations, identifying ways to simplify and miniaturize the electronics package along the way. Within 16 months of the project kickoff, the system design was ready for prototype level production and user testing – including the phone app.

Hardware Developed Technologies Leveraged
Multiple PCBA’sSTM32 microprocessor
Accelerometer sensor schemeSolidworks 3d CAD
Sewn wearable with integrated eletroncisFDM 3D Printing