Restangles – The Posture Hack

A Novel Invention

Restangles identified a real problem to be solved. People with shorter legs often experience posture issues or knee pain when their feet arent able to rest on the floor while seated. The Restangles product is a collapsible foot rest that folds into a small form factor when not in use. Restangles had developed initial prototypes of the concept, but needed to redesign it for production – and get manufacturing started. They chose SGW Designworks as their product design firm because of our proven track record with consumer products, and our contract manufacturing capabilities.

Engineering a Foldable Product

Often times, products that seem quite simple required a lot of design and engineering effort. Restangles was no exception. In order to keep production costs in check, a single piece injection molded plastic design would be ideal. But to achieve this, multiple living hinges, snapping features, and stiffening elements would need to be designed in to the product. More specifically, product design and engineering efforts focused on:

  • Living hinge engineering
  • Product stiffness
  • Weight minimization
  • Texture specification
  • Design to minimize tooling cost

Contract Manufacturing Start

During development, we coordinated with our Malaysia production house to make sure the design would be 100% compatible with the production equipment. Tooling was built, and production began in mid 2021.

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