Mechanical Design – Weapon Stabilization Product

Improved internal tension systems, product durability, and preparation for manufacturing in ~ 6 months

Client – Advanced Accuracy Solutions – a manufacturer of products for law enforcement and military

Expertise Applied


Advanced Accuracy Solutions idented a need for better weapons stabilization systems – particularly for precision shooting from helicopters. They had limited internal development capabilities, and a fast time-to-market target.


SGW Designworks applied technology from other existing products to create a very stable, self-contained system for precision shooters.

Defense systems development

Results / Outcomes

  • The Reaper system was successfully launched les than a year after project kickoff.


SGW Designworks was hired by Advanced Accuracy Solutions to redesign and provide product optimization services for Reaper weapons stabilization system. The primary focus was on internal tension systems, durability, prototype development, and preparation for manufacturing.

At the start of the project, Advanced Accuracy Solutions had an existing prototype and the role SGW Designworks played was to help take that prototype into a more mature iteration and ultimately get the product ready for manufacture.

The Reaper System is a hard-working piece of equipment that had to be highly durable, reliable, and easy to use. The original intended use of the system was to stabilize weapons being fired from helicopters, including carbine rifles and machine guns. However, Advanced Accuracy Solutions has also applied the Reaper to sniping applications and sees a use for the system for hunters who may have disabilities.

This project is one of several small arms, military, and defense projects SGW Designworks has been involved with. You can read more about our involvement with related projects, as well as the Reaper Weapons Stabilization System by visiting our blog.

Hardware Developed Technologies Leveraged
Cable tension systemSledworks 3D CAD
Lightweight aluminum chassisSolidworks Simulation Pro
Weapon attachment systemFinite element analysis