Rifle Suppressor Redesign

SGW Designworks was hired by a client to conduct production troubleshooting and finite element analysis for a rifle suppressor line that was encountering failures during testing.

Our team performed extensive engineering analysis on the client’s design and identified areas where the production of the product could lead to failure. We then worked with the customer to alter their production methods to reach a higher quality of final product with a significant reduction in failures.

The results enabled the company produce a better suppressor and save money by reducing warranty claims.

SGW Designworks has worked with numerous small arms companies for a variety of applications including military, law enforcement, and sporting goods. The work has included efforts to optimize parts, analyze designs and develop completely new systems.

Additionally, our small arms work has included exploratory engineering for entirely new types of sporting good products.

Engineering analysis involves the application of scientific analytic principles and processes to reveal the properties and state of a system, device or mechanism under study.

Read more about our work with small arms, military products, and our engineering analysis capabilities by visiting our blog.

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