SiPsHitch – Aviation Safety

Product Prototypes for Trade Shows – Fast

AERO Specialties produces support equipment for ramp operations at airports. They had identified an opportunity to market a system that helps aircraft tractor operators reduce the likelihood of overloading landing gear during towing operations. Two industry trade shows were coming up fast, and Aero Specialties wanted to show working prototypes of the system at both. Internal teams at Aero Specialties were tied up with other ongoing engineering projects and would not be able to get the product prototypes done in time. So they called SGW Designworks for product prototype development help.

Rapid Development Cycles Leading to Trade Show Prototypes

The team at SGW Designworks put the project on an accelerated time frame, running multiple development items in parallel. The entire system was developed and prototyped, including on-tractor installation for a trade show use in less than two months. SGW Designworks primary focus was on the user interface/display side of the system, including display integration and programming, load cell integration, electronics component selection, mounting, as well as enclosure development. 

Product Prototype to Production Start

The trade show prototypes were successful, and orders for the SiPsHitch started coming in. The SiPsHitch product from AERO Specialties reduces the likelihood of push/pull tractor operators overloading aircraft landing gear during ramp operations, and is on sale now. Aero Specialties has also hired SGW Designworks for development of other innovative new products, which will be launching soon.

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