Sports Impact Sensing Chin Cup

SGW Designworks was engaged by the client to provide full development and product manufacturing services for version 2.0 of this product. The design effort included the parallel development of electronics, industrial design, and mechanical engineering. SGW Designworks carried the project through to manufacturing hand-off, including support of the manufacturer during tooling production.

The project involved many design review points, at which we helped the client make critical functionality/cost balancing decisions. The shape development process was iterative, and we leveraged SLS, SLA, and FDM 3D printing technologies for very very fast design iteration cycles.

SGW Designworks provides embedded systems and IoT Engineering services that can be used in a huge range of applications. To help aid in our process, SGW Designworks has developed our own internal Development Platform PCA to help better meet customer needs and expedite prototyping. Learn more about our Embedded Systems and IoT development.

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