Voltaire Cloud-Connected Portable Coffee Grinder

A New Product For a Leader In The Market

GIR has a history of innovation. They have introduced a number of kitchen utensils that set the standard for quality and functionality. In addition to their existing product line, they identified an opportunity to develop and market a portable, web connected coffee grinder for connoisseurs. GIR recognized from the beginning that they would need to work with an outside product development company to develop this new product.

Prototype Development for Kickstarter

SGW Designworks was engaged by “GIR: Get It Right” to develop and prototype a mobile smart grinder for coffee enthusiasts. Primary challenges included the development of a small, efficient drive train to manage the high torque required for grinding, as well as the development of an intuitive user interface with a rotary encoder. This project required a lot of iteration and testing from our mechanical team as well as our IoT Development and embedded systems group.

The addition of cloud connectivity and freshness detection in the late stages of development made this a classic IoT device development effort. Fully functional prototypes were built by SGW Designworks and provided to GIR for sales presentations and development of a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign. In August of 2016, the Voltaire successfully reached the Kickstarter funding threshold, allowing ramp-up of a final design for manufacture and design optimization.

A Long Term Relationship as Product Development Partners

This project is the most recent in a string of kitchen and coffee related products that we have had a chance to develop for clients. GIR has hired SGW Designworks as their product design firm on other projects as well, including the innovative GIR Tongs.

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