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“Working with SGW has been a pleasure. We think this because they truly have a passion for what they do and that is clearly visible in their work. We look forward to working with SGW as a team member in the future.”

– John Meyer, President, Correct Cut

“What I found valuable about working with SGW was their approach to development. In initial brain storming sessions, the team came together with me so that they could understand my goals and constraints. Then in a couple of weeks the team presented various options for development. As the project progressed, design review sessions were very helpful as a way to assure me that things were on track, and that the SGW team was there to help mitigate my anxiety as well as the risks of developing a new product.”

– Tim Fulton, Founder, Ramper Innovations

“Even though SGW Designerworks is in Boise and the project was in Baltimore, I selected SGW because these guys are good and they know the molded foam process, the foundry process, instrumentation, and design of experiments. They are a really talented & creative group of engineers.”

– Barry Ramsay, VP Operations, Lifoam Industries

“SGW is an amazing company with the flexibility we require for innovation. We can contact SGW any time and get them to work on adjustments to previous projects. They have also assisted us in developing our designs for a new innovative product that will be launched very soon in tactical operations. Thanks to the team at SGW.”

– Jason Semple, Co-Owner, Advance Accuracy Solutions.

“These guys get it. They are a rare blend of creative and technical talent. Honest, flexible, fun to work with and incredibly competent. As a designer, they make me look good, bringing my ideas to life through their insight and experience.”

– John Larkin, President, Machine-Language

“ As the patent owner and inventor of the SiPsHitchTM system, I would like to congratulate SGW in achieving an amazing result which exceeded our expectations.

Prior to selecting SGW for this project, several other development companies were approached and analyzed. The thing that stood out the most and basically sealed the deal for us was the instant understanding of the product and how it would operate in our industry. The complete team at SGW have individual skillsets that work together to create a ‘can do’ operation at the same time being mindful of budgets and commercial cost constraints.

I’m not sure if there is any product idea, concept or project that this team could not take on and achieve the same successes that I have experienced.”

-Rod Gray, Director & VP, Aero Specialties

“SGW Designworks was instrumental in making our product a reality. We knew what we wanted our product to be, but we needed to take it from a concept to reality. SGW’s iterative and collaborative approach worked really well for development of the system hardware, which allowed our internal team to focus on the software side of the project and on the business. We’re looking forward to our next project with SGW Designworks.”

– Preston Lewis, Co-founder & CCO, BlackBox VR

“The team at SGW Designworks was able to identify and test multiple solutions to a complex development challenge in a short period of time, then carry those findings over to a full development effort. This had a real impact on the speed of our development project.”

– Calvin Allen, Senior Program Manager, Major US Medical Device Company.

“I just wanted to tell you guys how grateful I am for helping make this happen for us. SGW has definitely lived up to my expectations and created an excellent product. I appreciate all the hard work!”

– Brian Brooke, Owner, BAT Tools

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