Product Configurator

Produce Production Drawings and Sales Images – Fast

Your customers need the flexibility of a customize-able product. But your sales teams need a way to quickly produce images or drawings of the custom configured product before the customers will buy. Once the customers do buy, your manufacturing team needs shop drawings, fabrication drawings, or schematics to enable production of what was sold.

Now there is a way to quickly and reliably produce sales images prior to purchase, and production drawings prior to production – without the need to add engineering staff or CAD experts to your payroll.

Our Configurator tool allows your team to provide specific inputs electronically, and they quickly receive drawing files and other outputs for sales and for production. The system resides on SGW Designworks servers, with a web based interface for your team.

Our solution saves you:

  1. The COST and HEADACHE of a Solidworks + PDM implementation
  2. The TIME and EFFORT to program and maintain a new automation tool
  3. The BANDWIDTH your engineers are applying to these outputs now

How It Works

Step 1: Define the Inputs

Our engineers will work with you to define the range of product configurations that the configuration will accommodate. Our team will also analyze your existing CAD models to determine if the models need to be revised or changed for the configuration to run properly. If you have no 3D CAD, no problem. We can produce that for you as well. Based on the range of configurations and the 3D models, we will provide a quote for building your configurator (typically between $2,500 and $20,000).

Step 2: Build the Configurator

With the configuration inputs well defined from step 1, our engineering team will build and program the configurator, as well as the 3D CAD required for the system to operate properly. This step is interactive, and requires review and input from your team. Testing and optimizing are included in this step. Our team will work with yours to ensure that the system is producing the right files with the right content for your business.

Step 3: Launch and Run

With the configurator built and tested, the system is ready to be launched for your business. A subscription plan gives your team access to the system. The system outputs belong to your business. Your team is now able to produce sales images, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and schematics faster than ever. All without purchasing costly software or adding employees. With your subscription, you and your team have access to run the configurator as needed.


  • Quickly produce technical documents
  • No expensive on-site software
  • No new on-site hardware
  • Reduce existing staff workload


  • 3D models: SLDASM, .STP, others
  • 2D drawings: .dxf, .dwg, others
  • Sales images: .pdf, .jpg, others
  • BOM: .xls, .dox, others


  • Setup and programming: $2,500 – $20,000
  • Monthly Cost: $999
  • Contract Duration: 12 months
  • Pre-pay discount: 15% ($10,190 for the year)