Doing Our Part: Product Developers Behind the Scenes in the Age of COVID-19

By SGW Team

We’ve been talking a lot lately about our mission here at SGW Designworks to “improve human existence” — and, in the age of COVID-19, the importance of this mission cannot be overstated as we look at the challenges ahead for both our nation and the world at large. As product developers behind the scenes, we take our role seriously.

For one thing, PPE (personal protective equipment) is a crucial need for healthcare professionals working around the clock to provide critical care to their patients. Engineers, product developers, and manufacturers around the world are racing against time to meet these and other ever-growing needs of the medical community. 

What Our Industry is Doing

Despite the fear and uncertainty many are experiencing, we are proud to see our industry stepping up in the wake of the current pandemic. Previously, organizations and even entire professional communities typically kept to themselves and prioritized their own projects and visions. But we’re seeing previously silo-ed groups — even competitors — coming together in unprecedented ways to address the medical supply issue.

Here are a few headlines that have caught our eye in recent weeks. These stories remind us that, while we may not be on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, our role as product developers behind the scenes is more crucial than ever before.

Right here in Idaho, we’re seeing organizations step up to provide much-needed medical supplies to our healthcare workers.

We love our work, but seeing bold, altruistic moves from peer organizations (and even budding engineers!) makes us even more proud to do what we do. 

What Are We Doing as Product Developers Behind the Scenes?

So as we face significant challenges, as a community, a country, and throughout the world, what exactly are we doing at SGW Designworks to, as we say, “improve human existence”?

While much of our client work is carrying on as usual, we also have an internal team dedicated to ideating and developing PPE, as well as assisting local organizations that are coordinating production capacity to increase system-wide production.

Last week, we also began offering virtual idea generation sessions to our partners and leadership teams in our community that are in need of innovative strategies and support in navigating this crisis. This may seem like a new service offering, but it is in fact, very much a part of what we do — what we always have done — as product developers and innovators. Our team is trained, credentialed, and well-versed in helping our clients to both create new opportunities and discover solutions to their most complex problems.

Additionally, if your organization is feeling the strain of current events and is in need of engineering or technical support to keep up with demand, let’s talk. Our team has the technical skillset and manufacturing experience many organizations need at times like this and we’re available to help.

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