functionality, creativity, reality


  • We collaborate
  • We value talent and self-direction
  • We avoid surprises
  • We operate ethically
  • We constantly learn
  • We apply insight into our work
  • We understand the needs of our clients – and work aligns with needs
  • This should be a fun place to work
  • We create outputs that we are proud of
  • We value the time of our clients and our team

Our clients tell us that our outputs are world-class, which is a direct result of the work our talented team members produce. We are always interested in hearing from talented designers, engineers, project managers, and visionaries.

We always list our open positions on our company page.

SGW Designworks operates two business units, with different models to engage with client companies.

Project Business Unit

In our Projects Unit, we help clients develop new products and systems by executing projects on-site at SGW Designworks. The project team works with the client to understand the project goal, devise a solution path, execute the project, and deliver a world-class output. Project work often includes concept development, mechanical design/engineering, electronics design/engineering, firmware development, prototyping, engineering analysis, functional optimization, the final design for manufacture, manufacturing hand-off, and client support after the hand-off.

Individuals that thrive in our Projects Unit prefer to work on projects that have multiple possible development paths. Projects typically include rapid iterations and learning cycles. Creative generalists do well in this group, applying knowledge from seemingly unrelated applications to project challenges.

Engineering Services Business Unit

In the Engineering Services Unit, SGW Designworks builds teams with knowledge and capabilities specific to projects that are being executed internally by the client. It is common for these teams to be based on-site at the client’s facility rather than in the SGW Designworks main office. The project work is typically defined by the client’s internal management team rather than by SGW Designworks managers.

Individuals that thrive in our Engineering Services Business Unit often have specific experience that matches the client’s industry. Work is typically well defined with clear specifications. Team members integrate with the client’s internal teams seamlessly.

Detail oriented, methodical designers and engineers thrive in this unit. The ability to quickly learn client’s standards and systems are critical to success.