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By Ryan Gray

In the world of product design and engineering, the term “Industrial Design” is used many different ways, meaning different things to different businesses. Some people use the term referring specifically to the design efforts focused on aesthetics and ergonomics of a product. Others use the term referring to the broader product design and engineering process.

If you do a little bit of research into the actual definition of the term (see: Wikipedia – Industrial Design, and Industrial Designers Society of America), you will see that industrial design is in fact the entire process of designing and engineering a product that will be mass produced. It includes definition of feature sets, aesthetic development, and inclusion of manufacturing considerations, among other things.

With the actual definition of Industrial Design in mind, SGW Designworks is very much an industrial design company. Our projects often include the full spectrum of considerations described in definitions of industrial design. Companies like Peak AutoRadians Safety EquipmentTrimbleCradlepointLoon OutdoorsBattle Sports Science, and many more have depended on SGW Designworks for Industrial Design services, including aesthetic development.

Are you looking for the right industrial design company to help your business develop a new product? If so, consider SGW Designworks.

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