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Lessons Learned While Interning with a Product Design and Development Group

As a 3rd-year mechanical engineering student, interning with a product design and development group has helped me understand how valuable working as a collective team is for product design innovation. Over the past several months, I have had a fascination with the incredible feats of engineering that were accomplished during the space race. Engineers of all trades worked tirelessly together to design, prototype, test, iterate, and ultimately create vehicles capable of breaking the sound barrier and taking men to the moon.


product design and development space race
Time Magazine Cover, Dec 1968

The most impressive thing to me in all of this is not the end product these teams produced, but the reality that as a team, these engineers were able to design and develop products that redefined the envelope of possible.  Working together, these engineers used their individual expertise and knowledge to troubleshoot and design workarounds and solutions for each obstacle encountered.

Working as an intern at SGW Designworks over the past year, I have had the privilege of working alongside an incredible team of product design and development engineers who collaboratively have designed and delivered an impressive portfolio of quality products across a broad range of industries.  Their product design and development method have proven effective and efficient in the design and development of products.

Rather than selecting a single direction and sinking all the resources into a design project, the team brainstorms and comes up with possible solutions or workarounds, depending on the situation.  Individual engineers are then tasked to test each idea.  The team again meets to review the findings and make a collective decision on which ideas to pursue and which to forego.

Product Design and Development: The value of Teamwork

This process results in a systematic and efficient use of resources to deliver the best solution.  Instead of a single development engineer getting stuck at a critical design point, the team can bring their collective expertise to bear on many solutions to find one that ultimately works best.

This is one of the things that I have experienced which provides incredible value to the clients of SGW Designworks.