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Just Launched: New Solution-Based Service Offerings

In our over ten years working with companies to accelerate their product development projects, we have learned a lot about what works — and what doesn’t. And because we pride ourselves in a solution-based, client-first approach, identifying and addressing a client’s most acute pain points is an important part of what we do.

This is why we’ve been working behind the scenes to release two new service offerings, both intended to benefit our clients during an especially crucial phase in the product development process. 

Here’s a quick preview of the two service offerings we’ve just launched.

Manufacturing Management

Over the years, our default position on manufacturing has been to remain somewhat hands-off when it comes to what manufacturing partners our clients selected. However, we’ve discovered that this approach, while giving our clients ultimate control over the process, wasn’t working well for them. For starters, the selection process was daunting. Additionally, they may choose a manufacturer too late in the development process, which often results in further delays. Or, if they choose a manufacturer based on price alone, this can also lead to major (and costly) problems down the road.

Enter our Manufacturing Management service offering. 

By giving our clients access to our network of trusted suppliers — and doing so early in the development process — we empower them to select the right manufacturer for their product. Additionally, SGW Designworks will now collaborate with the manufacturer after development on a client’s behalf to ensure that production starts and keeps running. We expect this extra guidance to be invaluable to clients throughout the entire process — tooling purchases, regulatory work, inventory management and planning, quality management, and product design changes. 

Moving forward, we are confident that managing the manufacturer relationship will free up our clients and their teams so they can focus their attention on generating sales. 

Product Configurator

We are also excited to announce the launch of our new Configurator offering. For companies selling a customizable product, our configurator quickly and accurately produces sales images as well as shop drawings, fab drawings, BOMs, and more — all necessary for a manufacturing team to enable production. 

Using our web-based configurator tool, teams provide specific inputs electronically, then receive drawing files and other outputs needed for sales and production. Our team works with a client every step of the way to ensure the system produces the right files with the right content. And this is all possible with a subscription only — and without having to buy expensive software or hiring additional employees.

Since the launch of this tool is in its early stages, we will be releasing more information in the months to come. In the meantime, take a look and let us know what you think.