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Production Startup, Ramp, and Management

Great design and meticulous engineering alone do not guarantee a successful product. Many businesses struggle to identify potential manufacturing partners, navigate the regulatory compliance process, and set up reliable supply chains. Our team has the experience, insight, and relationships to handle all of these things on your behalf. SGW Designworks has established a network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers that we can engage on your behalf. We work as an extension of your team to help ensure that manufacturing startup, ramp up, and steady state production run as smoothly as possible. By relying on our team to engage and manage manufacturers, your team can focus on marketing and selling your products.

Why? SGW Designworks has learned from many years of product development that products are more likely to launch successfully when manufacturers are engaged early in the development project. Early engagement helps ensure that the manufacturer can offer design input, and that the client is able to build a relationship with the manufacturer long before actual production startup. This all leads to smoother transitions from development to production, lower overall development cost, and higher likelihood of successful production ramp-up.

How? As a client of SGW Designworks, you gain access to our network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers.  SGW Designworks will engage the right network manufacturer on your behalf during development. Manufacturer engagement and review of designs is part of the SGW Designworks product development process, starting in Phase 2. Manufacturers in our network have capabilities covering nearly all manufacturing methods and materials. Network manufacturing facilities are located in US, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, and more.

How It Works

Manufacturer Selection and Engagement

Many businesses make the mistake of choosing a manufacturer too late in the development process, which leads to costly problems and delays. In Phase 2 of our product development process, our team will help you select the right manufacturer from our network of trusted suppliers. Choosing a manufacturer early in development is critical to a smooth transition to production after Phase 5 of development. In early development, the manufacturer will review preliminary designs to offer input about cost control, possible tooling costs and more.

Regulatory Testing and Compliance

In Phase 4 or 5 of the development process, planning and execution of regulatory testing takes place. SGW Designworks will collaborate with the contract manufacturer on your behalf to ensure that relevant regulatory testing and documentation is addressed. This can include UL listing, FCC testing, CE marks, product safety testing, and compliance documentation. Depending on the product and the markets being served, regulatory testing may be managed by the manufacturer, or by SGW Designworks.

Manufacturing Start and Continuation

With the supply chain defined and regulatory compliance plan underway focus can shift to ensuring that ongoing production, ordering, and fulfillment execute seamlessly. Our team will guide you through tooling purchases, inventory management and planning, ongoing quality management, and product design changes. Your business will place production orders directly with the manufacturer. SGW Designworks actively manages your relationship with the manufacturer so that your team can focus on what matters – generating sales.

Accelerate your Product Development Project

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  • Access to SGW Designworks manufacturing network
  • Avoid costly manufacturing delays in late development
  • Save the headache normally associated with identifying and vetting CM’s and suppliers
  • SGW Designworks acts as your advocate with the manufacturer
  • Earlier visibility of projected manufacturing costs
  • SGW Designworks manages communication with manufacturer throughout development
  • Overall development cost is reduced, due to early manufacturer design input