Bluetooth Connected IoT Wearables

SGW Designworks was hired by a client to develop a cloud and Bluetooth connected wearable. The IoT device uses a series of integrated accelerometers, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and is used to analyze user movements. The data is then sent to the user’s mobile device to provide them feedback.

This project involved the integration of several components working together to collect the desired data and relay it to users in a way that addresses their needs. The hardware was developed to be highly adaptable and support the IoT integration.

SGW Designworks is able to build Bluetooth connected and IoT systems for a variety of applications using a variety of communication protocols. Our engineers are able to analyze the best way to develop the IoT communications method for the intended use-case and then integrate it into the hardware and firmware of the device.

Another IoT Device SGW Designworks has worked on which uses similar technology is the Voltaire Smart Grinder. A portable coffee grinder that monitors freshness and incorporates features found in many high-end coffee grinders in cafes across the country.

Our team stays up-to-date with industry trends dealing with communications protocols so we can provide feedback to clients on what would work well for their needs. Additionally, SGW Designworks has its own in-house development platform which is Bluetooth compatible and used to expedite prototyping times on embedded projects.

To learn more about SGW Designworks IoT development as well as our in-house SGW Development Platform, visit our services page for more information.

Bluetooth Connected Devices

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