Embedded Systems Development Platform

In mid-2016, SGW Designworks initiated an internal development project to augment our Embedded Systems Development capabilities. The goal was to develop modules with specific embedded functionality that we commonly see in client development projects. By having fully developed and tested modules “in-stock”, we will be able to increase development speed from concept through prototype on embedded systems and IoT development projects. We also foresee opportunities to offer our development platform elements to development professionals in other organizations.

The platform consists of multiple modules, each with specific capabilities that we commonly design into products. The development platform is ideal to quickly take a product from through a prototype. Custom PCA’s are then developed in later stages to optimize for size, production volume, and functionality.

From concept through bread-board, prototyping, and to final design, our PCBA development capabilities are driven by insight gained from decades of experience. Our embedded systems development team will not only identify possible board and component layouts that work now, but that minimize power consumption and include components compatible with target production volumes.


  • Custom PCBA
  • Embedded Systems
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Prototyping