Gas Control Cabinet System

Manufacturing Product Redesign

A manufacturer of gas routing and control systems for the semiconductor industry was struggling to efficiently produce a few of their popular products due to design decisions made in prior years. While the manufacturer did have internal engineering capabilities, those resources were fully subscribed to the day to day needs of the business. The company got in touch with our product design team for help with the redesign of the products.

Production Manufacturing Efficiency

The products in question all functioned properly, but specific challenges with production efficiency were driven by the current design. Design documentation, as it existed, was also difficult for production teams to use. The solution would need to be, designs that are easier to produce but that still provide the same functionality, as well as production documents that are easy for production teams to use on the factory floor.

Gas Control Cabinet System Redesign

In order for the product redesign to be successful, it was important to fully understand the production process. We spent time observing the production process, to help ensure that the new designs would be documented in a way that the production teams could be successful in their roles. With a solid understanding of the manufacturing process and constraints, our development and engineering team went to work, modifying the product designs, reviewing the changes with the client, and then producing a clear, concise documentation package for the manufacturing team to use.


A new gas control cabinet system design and production documentation were adopted successfully by the client company, increasing production efficiency while preserving all of the product features.

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