Farm Implements by GenZ

GenZ Technology is a company that builds farm implements and produces next-generation agriculture equipment for spraying strawberry fields and vineyards. Their sprayer systems take a decade’s old process and make it safer, more efficient and help save farmers money by reducing waste.

This year GenZ’s first strawberry sprayers are seeing use in the field by customers and the company continues to develop new agriculture equipment addressing pesticide drift issues and operator safety concerns.

A key issue for farmers is reducing the amount of pesticide used as well as staying current with changing regulations dealing with pesticide application.

As part of the engineering effort, SGW Designworks used Finite Element Analysis for GenZ Technology to help identify possible problem areas and working to strengthen and correct any weaknesses that were identified in order to help GenZ make their existing prototypes more robust.

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  • Mechanism Design
  • Electronics Integration
  • Cost Optimization
  • Desgin Documentation