GIR Tongs

Mechanism Design Challenge

GIR has been making and marketing sector defining products for years. They identified an opportunity to market a unique, differentiated Tong product, that would require some true innovation. The aesthetic of the product would be informed by existing GIR products. The differentiation would be in the locking functionality of the Tongs. GIR hired SGW Designworks as their product engineering firm for development of the mechanism.

Proprietary Mechanism Design

The goal of the tongs was to allow users to squeeze them closed with a certain amount of force, and have them lock closed – but not lock closed during regular use. They also needed to unlock or open with a similar squeeze. And, they had to operate (locking and unlocking) with use of only one hand. SGW Designworks applied their most senior machine designers and engineers to conceptualize multiple mechanisms that may deliver this functionality. After multiple stages of prototyping and comparison, the product design team developed a mechanism that would be repeatable, manufacturer, and cost effective.

From Product Design Firm to Manufacturing Support Company

The design package for the mechanism was finalized, and SGW Designworks worked with GIR’s manufacturer to get production started. Since the mechanism was truly unique, it was important that the manufacturer understand the critical tolerances in the system, so it would function properly for consumers. The product is now available, and can be seen in this video.

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