Nip-N-Sip fly fishing tool

Loon Outdoors

Loon Outdoors hired SGW Designworks to develop an outdoor product, “Nip-N-Sip”, a fly fishing nipper tool with specific, unique functionality. The Nip-N-Sip was recognized as the best new product in-category by a fly fishing industry group in 2011.

The Nip-N-Sip is a small handheld tool where one side serves as a pair of multi-purpose clippers and the opposite side is a bottle opener. The tool can be clipped onto an equipment tether or other clip for easy access.

The Nip-N-Sip was a demonstration of how even a small product can require a great deal of engineering. Hand tools such as this require ergonomic considerations as well as analysis to ensure they will not fail, and a bottle opener that is difficult to use can be annoying. All of these challenges were addressed during the design of the Nip-N-Sip and the final product was the result of multiple iterations.

The end result was the eloquent and functional Nip-N-Sip.


  • Full Product Development
  • Design Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanism Design
  • Manufacturer Engineering