Product Engineering & Development For Your Business.

We specialize in the development of new products, equipment, and systems. Since 2008, over 150 businesses have chosen SGW Designworks as their development and product engineering partner. We work with businesses all over North America, serving a wide range of industries and markets. We are capable of turnkey product engineering, including complete mechanical design, electronics design, and embedded systems / IoT development throughout the full development cycle. We apply Lean Startup principles, which means frequent, focused prototyping and iterations throughout development. Learn more about our services.

Feasibility Analysis through Prototyping, to optimization and manufacturing.

Each development project we work on is unique. But most include a combination of feasibility study, concept development, initial design, development iteration, prototype development, final design, design for manufacture, and manufacturer engagement. We are even able to identify and manage contract manufacturers long term. If your business is looking for help with development and product engineering, we’ve got you covered. Some recent projects are shown below, at various stages of development.

Increase Development Velocity, Launch the right product.

Early and frequent validation of feature set, function, and manufacture-ability is critical. Our approach to development uses rapid “Build-Test-Learn” cycles. Through phased development, we identify high risk elements of a system, product, or business, and focus development efforts there first. When applied properly, this approach provides faster development timelines, with multiple opportunities to pivot or revise the product based on test findings. The result is a higher likelihood of launching a product that the market is willing to pay for, faster than out-dated development processes of the past.

Our Team is your competitive advantage.

Our people are the reason clients keep coming back to SGW Designworks. With backgrounds including machine design, mecha-tronics, programming, electrical engineering, manufacturing, fine art, and fabrication, we are able to tackle a wide range development projects with unique insight. We use a collaborative development approach, applying expertise and depth from our team members to each project. Learn more about our team.

We Are Your Development Partner.

Our clients do amazing things. Some are pioneers in the tech world, while others are a century old, with rock-solid product lines. Some are high-potential startups, while others are Fortune 500 companies. All of them have recognized that developing and launching successful new products is critical to stay ahead of their competition, and have chosen SGW Designworks as their product development and product engineering partner. Here are some of the businesses we have teamed with recently. Are you next?