Lean Startup Approach

True startup productivity = systematically figuring out the right things to build.

From Startups to Enterprises, our team always yields results.

“The team at SGW have individual skill-sets that work together to create a ‘can do’ operation at the same time being mindful of budgets and commercial cost constraints.”

Eric Ries, Author of “The Lean Startup”

Nearly ten years ago, Author Eric Ries penned those words in his bestselling book The Lean Startup. Little has changed in the decade since; most companies still face this “grim reality” — perhaps more than ever before — in the form of internal, organizational struggles and formidable challenges when bringing their products to market.

But SGW Designworks is living proof that not all is bleak. Back then, we were honored when Ries’ featured a success story in his book; today we continue striving to put The Lean Startup model to work: by growing a company that is more capital efficient, in leveraging our team’s creativity, and helping our clients launch viable products. After all, the book’s very subtitle — “How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses” — is a testament to the triumphs we and many other global evangelists of the Lean Startup method experience every day.

The Lean Startup approach is inspired by lessons gleaned from the lean manufacturing revolution that Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo developed at Toyota. It has been adopted by organizations across the globe, including household names like GE and Quickbooks — as well as our own at SGW. Its principles, which we hold in high regard, are as follows:

  1. Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere
  2. Entrepreneurship = Management
  3. Validated Learning
  4. Build-Measure-Learn
  5. Innovation Accounting

In its pages, The Lean Startup illustrates the importance of the above principles through dozens of success stories (and failures) of companies of all sizes. Ries presents techniques to speed through the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop, a process intrinsic to our operations at SGW. 

In keeping with Lean Startup methodology, we also rely on “validated learning,” rapid scientific experimentation, and other practices that shorten product development cycles. Just as importantly, we help our clients discover what their customers really want. As Ries succinctly states, “The Lean Startup isn’t a collection of individual tactics; it is a principled approach to new product development.”

A decade later, companies need to innovate now more than ever, and the Lean Startup model is a proven way to do that. With its principles in our arsenal here at SGW, we’re certainly up to the challenge. 

Recent Projects

Electronics Design – Virtual Reality Game Controller

Electronics Design – Virtual Reality Game Controller

One of the first third-party devices developed using the Steam VR HDK Client – Blackbox VR – a fast-growing fitness equipment startup “SGW Designworks was instrumental in making our product a reality. We knew what we wanted our...

IP-Rated Enclosure Design for Industrial Equipment

IP-Rated Enclosure Design for Industrial Equipment

IP-69K rated enclosure recognized with an Idaho Innovation Award Client – Preco Electronics - an established manufacturer Expertise Applied Product Design & DevelopmentIP-Rated DesignRuggedizationDesign For ManufactureEnclosure DesignUser Interface DesignInjection...

Let’s Build Something Together

Whether you’re in early-, mid- or late-stage of your product development, we’ll cover your needs along the way and answer as many questions as we can. 

Do you work with startups?

Yes, while a good portion of our clientele are on the enterprise track, we still find time to work with individuals and starts to realise their vision into reality.

I already have internal engineering resources - how can a company like SGW Designworks help me?

Over half of our clients have internal engineering or r&d teams. These businesses hire us for a few different reasons:

  1. Their internal teams are already overburdened with the day to day sustaining engineering required for existing product lines.
  2. They are lacking the specific skills and experts required for product development as opposed to sustaining engineering or primary r&d.
  3. Projects are behind schedule, and a fresh approach or perspective is needed to get things moving again.
Can SGW Designworks produce design packages in line with our corporate standards?

Absolutely. Most of the larger businesses we work with have requirements about drawing format, dimensionless, design review processes, and more. We are accustomed to tweaking our processes and outputs to meet the needs of our client companies.

Is SGW Designworks able to get into long-term business relationships with client companies?

Yes. Most companies that choose us as their product development team stick with us for a long time. We commonly run multiple projects in parallel for client companies, and engage with businesses for long periods of time. In these long term relationships, we are able to develop a deep understanding of the client business, and their challenges. This allows us to not only work on development projects, but also to help senior leaders to prioritize their development pipeline and develop long term development plans.

Client Testimonials

“SGW is an amazing company with the flexibility we require for innovation. They have also assisted us in developing our designs for a new innovative product that will be launched very soon in tactical operations. Thanks to the team at SGW.”

Jason Semple

Co-Owner, Advanced Accuracy Solutions

“Working with SGW has been a pleasure. We think this because they truly have a passion for what they do and that is clearly visible in their work. We look forward to working with SGW as a team member in the future.”

John Meyer

President, Correct Cut

“Even though SGW Designworks is in Boise and the project was in Baltimore, I selected SGW because these guys are good and they know the molded foam process, the foundry process, instrumentation, and design of experiments. They are a really talented & creative group of engineers”

Barry Ramsay

VP Operations, Lifoam Industries