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We are a product development company located in beautiful Boise Idaho, but we work with clients all over the United States in the development of innovative new products, equipment, and systems. Businesses have trusted us as their product design and equipment development partner since 2008. We serve a wide range of industries and markets. Our product design and engineering services include industrial design, mechanical development, electronics design, and embedded systems engineering throughout the full product development cycle. We apply Lean Startup principles, which means frequent, focused prototyping and iterations throughout development. 

“The team at SGW Designworks was able to identify and test multiple solutions to a complex development challenge in a short period of time, then carry those findings over to a full development effort. This had a real impact on the speed of our development project.”

– Calvin Allen, Senior Program Manager, Medtronic.

Speed Up Development.

Early and frequent validation of feature set, function, and manufacture-ability is critical for a successful product development project. Using rapid “Build-Test-Learn” cycles throughout development, we identify high-risk items and focus engineering efforts there first. This approach provides faster development timelines, with multiple opportunities to pivot so you can stay ahead of your competition; introducing new or next-gen products faster when the stakes are high.

Fast Ramp-Up.

Our product design engineering team is the reason clients count on us and keep coming back. Every day, our team is executing product design and equipment development projects in new industries. We are good at quickly developing a deep understanding of the products we work on as well as the businesses of our clients. From the first meeting, you will notice that we ramp up quickly because time always matters in product design and engineering. Learn more about our team.

“These guys get it. They are a rare blend of creative and technical talent. Honest, flexible, fun to work with and incredibly competent. As a designer, they make me look good, bringing my ideas to life through their insight and experience.”

– John Larkin, President, Machine-Language.

Our Product Development Process Sets Us Apart.

Our projects start with Phase 0, our unique initial step that reduces overall development risk. In Phase 0, we work with the client to define the things that define the product and drive the project. Later phases will focus on concept design, industrial design, product prototyping, final product design, design for manufacture (DFM), and manufacturer engagement, following this project structure. We apply unique development tools like virtual reality prototypes to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Manufacturing Insight for Your Product.

Our development team brings world-class manufacturing experience to all of our product design and engineering projects. By applying expert level knowledge of a wide range of manufacturing processes, you can be assured that the outputs of your project will flow seamlessly into manufacturing, for a faster product launch with fewer surprises. We understand the risks and challenges associated with manufacturing, and can help you avoid the most common pitfalls. 

“Even though SGW Designworks is in Boise and the project was in Baltimore, I selected SGW because these guys are good and they know the molded foam process, the foundry process, instrumentation, and design of experiments. They are a really talented & creative group of engineers”

– Barry Ramsey, VP Operations, Lifoam Industries

Develop The Right Product Faster

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