Industrial Design

By SGW Designworks

We’ll Make Your Product Beautiful – Faster.

Products must be optimized for function and for manufacturability. But – they also need to be beautiful. This is true not only for consumer products, but also for industrial and enterprise products. Even specialty equipment must incorporate intentional, well-thought-out aesthetics and ergonomics to ensure the user experience is second to none. SGW Designworks Industrial Design services are an important part of our product design and equipment development projects. Our product prototype development capabilities allow us to not only define the aesthetic of a product, but to test it in physical or virtual space as well.

Our team approaches industrial design and aesthetic definition with the context of manufacturability and function. SGW Designworks balances look and feel with production realities and manufacturing constraints. This means that industrial design outputs aren’t just beautiful images – they are well thought out design approaches.

Design Language.

Product aesthetics can sometimes be developed as standalone designs. But more often, the product look and feel needs to align with other products, or other branding. Whether you are looking for initial concepts for a singular new product, or you need to refresh your product for new markets, our team has you covered. We can carry design language from some of your existing products into a new product line, or we can define a totally new set of designs to serve as the basis for everything your business markets.


We’ve all heard the horror stories: a high-zoot industrial design firm is hired to produce the new aesthetic for an upcoming product line. The output is beautiful. But when the design is transferred to the engineering team, it is impossible to manufacture. And to define a manufacture-able design, the original aesthetic intent is completely lost (along with tens of thousands of dollars). Our team avoids this by applying decades of manufacturing experience to the des, carrying industrial design through manufacturing management.

Don’t Overthink It.

We will not try to sell you a full research project to explore user preferences. You and your team are usually capable of judging whether a design is appropriate for your target customers. If the design needs to be validated, quick prototyping using physical or virtual reality prototypes can be developed to get real customer responses. We apply the same Lean Startup principals to industrial design as we do to other parts of the product development process. This means quickly defining and reviewing multiple approaches.



Shape Development

  • Concept Development
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Development Planning
  • Virtual Prototypes
  • Initial Design
  • Form Factor Check
  • Concept Communication Tools

Textures & Materials

  • Soft Touch
  • Molded Fabrics
  • Over-molding
  • Textured Metals
  • Organic Materials
  • Logo Incorporation
  • Durability

User Experience

  • Lighting and Indicators
  • Human Factors
  • Ergonomics
  • Simplified Interfaces
  • Application Appropriate Design
  • Anthropomorphic Consideration
  • Human-Machine Interface