Creating A Product Development Team

SGW Designworks was founded in 2008 by Tasche Streib, Ryan Gray, and Mike Witt. The three had worked together in the corporate world, on large development projects for a fortune 500 company, and realized that it was very difficult to find qualified businesses to help with development challenges ranging from product design to manufacturing planning.

Initially using a local coffee shop in Boise, Idaho as a primary office, the three founders worked hard to develop a reputation for insight in development, and integrity. In 2012, an SGW Designworks project was featured in The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, which was a NYT #1 Bestseller. This gave the business a boost, and word began to spread. The team started to grow steadily, and includes over twenty people.

The team is passionate about delivering world-class development capabilities with insight and a high level of integrity. The capabilities of the team have evolved greatly since 2008. In those days, projects primarily focused on the development of mechanisms, enclosures, and small machines for manufacturers.

Today SGW Designworks provides full product design and engineering to businesses of all sizes. This includes mechanical design, predictive analysis, embedded systems development, IoT and smart product development, cloud connectivity, manufacturing management, and more. The SGW Designworks team is what makes clients keep coming back.


Our Projects Team consists of design and engineering professionals that are fanatical about service.

Rob Regent

Mechanical EIT / Embedded Developer

SGW Team Embedded Developer

Mike Timson

Firmware Developer

Dave Moulin

Electronics Developer

SGW Team Electronics Developer

Ryan Gray

Co-Founder, CEO

Co-Founder, VP

Dave Bohan

Firmware Developer

SGW Team Firmware Developer

Seth Miley, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

SGW Team Mechanical EIT

Mike Witt, P.E.

Co-Founder, COO

Co-Founder, VP

Sabina King

Business Manager

Katie Schuelke, PMP

Project Manager

Katie Schuelke

Bobby Prew

Embedded Sys Developer

Bobby Prew

Blake Pachner

Industrial Designer / Mechanical EIT

John Fitzgerald

Senior Engineer

Mackenzie Roan

Intern Product Developer

Braedon Silvers

Intern Product Developer

Jill Walin

Mechanical Designer

Jeff Hill

Mechanical Engineer (EIT)

Jeff Hill

Dan Brown

Mechanical Engineer (EIT)

Jeff Moeser

Manufacturing Specialist

Chad Barnes

Senior Eng, Dir. Business Development

Chad Barnes

Bryan Capdeville

Senior Embedded Systems Dev

Jon Craig

Senior Mech Developer

Todd Kauranen

Industrial Designer

Todd Kauranen

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