Outsourcing Product Design

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Product Design Process

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Product Design Process

Have you ever considered outsourcing product design?

In today’s competitive market, businesses are finding that the advantages of outsourcing are real. There are many reasons that outsourcing is important to consider as a strategic option for product design as well as other critical business operations.

Here is how outsourcing works: your company chooses to hire an outside business to act as your product development or r&d team, using standard contracts and scopes of work. The outsourced team brings specific expertise in development, engineering, project management, and manufacturing, while your internal team brings knowledge about your market space, business priorities, and your end users.

But, when should a company outsource? An experienced product development company will be able to engage with your business from the early concept development stages to the later design optimization stage close to product launch. Outsourced development is often able to improve the outcomes of your entire product design process, from forming new product concepts, putting it through various validation stages, and optimization for production.

In case you still have your questions about outsourcing product development and whether or not you should go the outsourcing route, here is a list of five advantages of outsourcing development and/or a product design process.


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1. Outsourcing Product Design Expands Your Capacity.

How so? When you hire an experienced product development team, you immediately get more people with a breadth of knowledge and experience to focus on your project, meaning you and your in-house staff have more time to focus on other tasks.

Additionally, even after development is finished, and the product is launched, you have access to a group of experts available for whenever you need them. This is particularly valuable when future product line extensions are needed.  The team is available when needed, but is not driving overhead costs upward.

2. Large Projects May be More Economical to Outsource

This may sound counterintuitive, but reputable product design companies will be able to reduce their rates on projects that include long-term commitments from your company.

This savings is best applied to complex projects such as electronics development, software, and hardware embedded systems, a new technology product, and full product design.

For these larger projects, the outsourced product design company is able to efficiently apply resources to the project, which often means more certainty on timing and milestones.

Additionally, you can turn your attention to other tasks and keep your in-house team’s workload manageable.

3. Your Product Gets to the Market Faster When Outsourcing Product Design.

With more efficiency and a broader development team, it’s common for development timelines to shrink and output quality to increase.

Outsourced product design teams are often to work faster, because they are not burdened with the normal daily detractions that your internal teams are exposed to. Safety meetings, staff meetings, and internal politics may consume significant amounts of your team’s capacity, but this is not the case for your outsourced development team.

With the hiring of an outsourced team, you get a group of dedicated development specialists focused on developing your product. This means your project gains more velocity.

4. Your Product is Exposed to New Ideas and Approaches.

With more people involved in the design process, your product is exposed to individuals with experience in areas that your internal team may not have. This means more opportunity, creative solutions, and design approaches.

Your outsourced team is not as experienced in your niche, but is expert in development. They are able to apply knowledge gained in a multitude of industries to your design.

5. You Can Develop Products Outside Your Own Expertise.

Even if your team is only expert at the application or user level, a world-class outsourced product design team will be able to guide the development effort in a way that identifies, tests, and validates assumptions about the concept, and how users may interact with it.

It is common for businesses to have internal strengths in some, but not all technologies relating to their new product initiatives. In these cases, your outsourced design team will be able to fill the gaps, and ensure that that development works through to completion.  For example, you might have recognized your competitors are adding sensors and data logging or cloud connectivity to their products, but your team is not able to develop the electrics and firmware required to add these things to your own products.  In that case, an outsourcing team of technical engineers has your back.


Outsourcing Product Design to Expand Your Design Capacity

There is no better way to get a fresh set of eyes on your design than outsourcing product design and development teams.

It’s time for you to do what you do best: run your business.  Outsourced product design teams will engage you in the development process, but will also free your internal team up to work on existing business needs.