Product Prototype Development

  • Conceptual Renderings
  • Virtual Prototypes
  • Feature Set Validation
  • 3D prints for Aesthetic Validation
  • Trade Show Prototypes
  • Breadboard Electronics
  • Electronics Mock-Up
  • Quick-turn PCB Prototypes
  • Presentation Protos for Investors
  • Concept Communication Tools
  • Mechanism Prototypes
  • Functional Prototypes
  • 3D Printed Assemblies
  • Machined Parts
  • Weldments
  • Custom PCB Prototypes
  • Kickstarter Prototypes
  • Regulatory Management
  • Prototype Software / Firmware
  • App Prototypes
  • Production-Representative Prototypes
  • Final Functional Check Prototypes
  • Manufacturing Review Tools
  • Painted / Finished Prototypes
  • High-Resolution 3D Printed Parts
  • Fabricated Elements
  • Integrated Electronics
  • Final Test Prototypes

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Product Prototype Development


Successful product prototype development hinges upon a thorough understanding of what feature sets are the right one for your product. By taking a smart approach to product prototype, feature sets development can be tested and validated, reducing risk in later development work. We apply Lean Principles to the development process, which makes the most of the prototype development budget.


Nearly all of our projects include functional product prototypes as development tools. Once the proper feature set is identified, functional prototypes serve to determine if the development approach provides the function to deliver the feature. We create prototypes using our in-house electronics lab, in-house Stratasys 3D printer, as well as outside vendors for specific components.


Great design is not enough. Product development must also be compatible with manufacturing processes and cost targets. Physical product prototypes, in addition to virtual models, serves to communicate intent to the manufacturer and open a discussion about final development changes for production.


A disciplined approach to prototyping process includes only design/engineering elements that are critical to test or validate at that point in time. Product prototypes are a learning tool – we will include the things needed to answer the question – and nothing more. Our approach is in line with methods defined in The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. In fact, one of our projects is highlighted in the book.


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