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Regulatory Testing and Compliance

UL, FCC, CE, MIL-Spec, and More


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Products That Impact Lives

You Need to Ship Great Products

You don’t just need a great design – you need to ship product. By integrating our product design services with our contract manufacturing capacity, we are able to offer a complete soltution. We can provide production qutoes in the midst of development, so yo uknow what to expect.  


Our Capabilities

  • PCBA builds
  • Injection molded parts
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Embedded electronics
  • Product integration
  • Assembly
  • Package and shipping


Our Benefits

  • Proven track record of manufactruing performance
  • Fast transition from design to production
  • US and overseas manufacturing options
  • Domestic point of contact
  • Earlier visibility of projected manufacturing costs
  • In-house engineering for long term support
  • In-house supply chain and logistics management

Domestic or International Manufacturing

Our production houses are domestic and international. Locations include USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. Production location may be driven by your customer’s preferences, or by target manufacturing costs. We can suggest a production path for you. 

Regulatory Testing and Compliance

In Phase 4 or 5 of the development process, planning and execution of regulatory testing takes place. SGW Designworks will collaborate with the contract manufacturer on your behalf to ensure that relevant regulatory testing and documentation is addressed. This can include UL listing, FCC testing, CE marks, product safety testing, and compliance documentation. Depending on the product and the markets being served, regulatory testing may be managed by the manufacturer, or by SGW Designworks.

Manufacturing Support

When you use SGW Designowrks for manufacturing, there is no ‘hand off’ to production. Our engineering and supply chain teams remain engaged and available to support you through design tweaks, product updates, componenet shortages, and more. 

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