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The Process

Over the years, we have successfully completed hundreds of product development and machine design projects. The process we use applies elements from time tested development systems like Stage-Gate, but also applies elements from newer, faster systems like Lean Startup and Agile. Since no two projects or clients are the same, we are able to tailor our process to fit the needs of our clients. But at the core of our approach is iterative development. When we iterate, we build prototypes to test in specific ways. In these tests, finding the failure points of the prototype is the goal.

Findings from the test are then fed back into the next design iteration and prototype cycle.

We break development into Phases. Every Phase has a goal, which is documented before the work begins. Findings from the work in one Phase help to define the work in the next Phase. The space between each Phase provides clients the chance to pivot or even stop development.

This all happens within our unique engagement model which helps us build specific project plans collaboratively with clients.

The 5 Phases

Our 5 Phase process is based on hundreds of successful projects. At the core of the process is the notion that iteration is critical to successful development. Phases 3 and 4 are recycled multiple times each as designs are iterated and tested. Phase 3A findings lead to the Phase 3B plan, and so on.


Phase 0

Project Definition

  • Define target features and functions
  • Preliminary research
  • Identify critical risks

Phase Outcomes

  • Risk assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Phase 1 plan or off-ramp
Phase 1

Concept Generation

  • Develop initial concept(s)
  • Explore configurations
  • Risk, market, technology assessment of concepts

Phase Outcomes

  • Visualization of concept(s)
  • Updated feature and function sets
  • Phase 2 plan or off-ramp
Phase 2

Concept Development & Analysis

  • Initial engineering design
  • Initial component selection
  • Prototyping plan

Phase Outcomes

  • Design for 1st prototype build
  • Prototype test plan
  • Phase 3A plan or off-ramp
Phase 3x

Preliminary Design & Iteration

  • Rapid Cycles: Build-Test-Learn
  • Iteration for function and feasibility
  • Regulatory planning

Phase Outcomes

  • Prototypes and test results
  • Production recommendations
  • Phase 3x plan or Phase 4A plan or offramp
Phase 4x

Detailed Design & Iteration

  • Iterate to optimize for cost, durability, reliability, etc.
  • After iteration, final configuration and design is defined
  • Engage Manufacturing

Phase Outcomes

  • Manufacturing data package
  • Production quote(s), if
  • Phase 4x plan, or Phase 5 plan, or offramp
Phase 5

Production Prep & Start

  • Regulatory management
  • First article inspection
  • Production start support

Phase Outcomes

  • Product is in production
  • Regulatory work is complete
  • Long-term manufacturing management plan