Product Design Services

Businesses hire us for our machine design and product design services. Fortune 500 companies tell us we develop products faster than they can. Small businesses tell us we have capabilities that they just don’t have. All the companies we work with need real world solutions for their customers. Our development team jumps right in and starts making progress fast. Many times, a company will hire us for the entire product development process. Other times, companies hire us for just part of the project and we engage with their internal teams. We are your:

Industrial Design Consultancy

We can make your product beautiful and functional. Our Industrial Designers can quickly develop multiple design concepts to explore product configurations and interfaces, taking manufacturing realities into account.

Product Engineering Firm

Engineering is at the heart of what we do. Our team applies decades of experience to your product to deliver the functionality your customers demand at a production cost that drives your profits.

Prototype Development Company

Functional prototype / MVP development for early and frequent validation is a key element of successful development projects.

Machine Design Company

Machine Design is in our blood. We have helped businesses develop agricultural equipment, manufacturing systems, security and defense systems, and more. Get in touch to see what we are capable of.

Manufacturing Management Firm

We have worked with dozens of contract manufacturers over the years. We have developed a network of trusted partners that want to do business with our clients. Let us help you choose the best manufacturer for your product, and help you build and manage a relationship with them.

Let’s get started

The development projects we work on all start with a conversation. Email us or call for a free consultation. We will take the time to understand your project and your business. If we aren’t a fit for your product development project, we will let you know as fast as possible.