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Our Approach



Manufacturing Heritage

Custom machine designs that meet your ROI goals 


Breadth of Experience

Experience in a vast array of manufacturing environments


Engineering for Integrators

Engineering capacity applied to your industrial automation projects

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How we can help


We use the same development approaches for complex machine design efforts as we do for product development efforts.  

We develop machines, specialty equipment, and automation cells that do not yet exist. We apply existing technologies, sensors, and control systems in new ways to develop the machine you envision. 


Proof of concept:  

We build and test proof-of-concept level machine prototypes in-house. This is valuable to validate that a design approach or configuration for a new machine or electromechanical system is technically viable, even if not fully optimized yet.  


Design / Engineering:  

We’re well-suited to execute machine engineering and design in the industrial space, agricultural space, as well as machines that are sold as products. 

We develop the system design, perform engineering analysis where needed, integrate vision systems and motion control into the design, and produce the data package for fabrication. 

When we’re NOT a good fit

Production level builds:

We aren’t well suited to produce machines that are production-ready. While we do design such machines, and produce proof-of-concept level units, we are not set up to produce and support your machines long term. Most clients have the machines we design built or sourced by their internal teams. 



We aren’t in a position to provide a warranty on a machine, since we aren’t going to be producing your machines beyond development prototypes and proof-of-concept level equipment. 



Since we’re not a machine builder / vendor, we aren’t in a position to keep inventory of spares or maintenance items for machines.

Machine Design Case Studies

    Machine design with a manufacturing heritage

    We’ve developed and delivered custom machine designs for specific applications ranging from material manipulation to precision measurement, ag equipment, and adhesive application. Our team is just as comfortable working directly with Production Managers as we are with C-Suite executives. In all cases, we aim to develop machine designs that meet your ROI goals and fit within the capabilities of your business. Our engineers are comfortable not only with achieving the functionality you need in your proprietary machinery, but also with meeting your corporate safety standards.

    Machine Design Capabilities



    • Prototyping
    • Assembly
    • Startup and Debug
    • Commissioning
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Performance Characterization

    Our breadth of experience is your secret weapon

    As equipment development and development experts, our team brings decades of manufacturing process engineering and machine design experience to your organization. When your business is ready to take the next step towards manufacturing excellence, SGW Designworks has the experience to deliver the best solution. We start by thoroughly understanding your goals and constraints. We then map out multiple options to achieve your goals and analyze the options to formulate a project path. Development expertise includes manufacturing machinery, job-site equipment, agricultural machinery, off-grid solar products, and much more.

    Industries Served

    • Medical Device Manufacturing
    • Specialty Electronics Production
    • Machine Shops
    • QC Lab Equipment
    • Agricultural Equipment
    • Operable Walls
    • Defense Systems
    • Exercise Equipment

    Produce it faster, reduce waste

    To compete today, you need to manage your production costs and eliminate waste wherever possible. For some clients, this means optimizing material flow through your processes. For others, it means the design of custom machines, or efficient process engineering to eliminate specific production bottlenecks. We can provide expertise in process engineering, manufacturing automation, developing individual one-off machines, and identify inefficiencies in manufacturing operations. If you are interested in increasing your throughput, reducing manufacturing costs, eliminating product quality issues, or reducing manufacturing variability, Call us to see if we are a good fit for your project.

    Machine Optimization

    • Time Studies
    • Material Flow Analysis
    • Equipment Selection
    • Facility Planning
    • Process Impact Analysis
    • Safety Assessment
    • ROI Analysis / Options Analysis
    • Lean Implementation