Rugged Product Design & Development

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Industrial Product Design

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Lean Development Approach

Iterative Development and Prototyping


Modern Development Tools

VR for development and collaboration

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Designing rugged & industrial products, faster.

  • Our engineers have manufacturing experience, so they can consider the realities of production throughout the product design process. The result is a final product design that transitions easily into production.
  • We leverage a 5-phase iterative development process, applying elements from Stage-Gate, as well from newer, faster methods like Lean Startup and Agile.


  • Rugged Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Industrial Equipment & Instruments
  • Machines
  • Specialy Instruments
  • Enterprise Equipment
  • Ag-Tech
  • Firearms
Late stage rendering of the optimized enclosure and valve assembly.

Product Development Case studies

    Rugged Product Design

    • We act as your industrial design and product engineering department for complete new product design.
    • We carry projects from the early phases of feasibility study and specification development, through concept development, industrial design, initial engineering, design iteration, prototype development, through to the later stages of design finalization, design for manufacturer, and manufacturer engagement.

    Product Design Capabilities

      • Electronics Development
      • Optimization for Manufacturing
      • Regulatory Planning and Management
      • Electromechanical Engineering

      Lean Development Approach

      • We use a proven product development process, typically starting with a Phase 0 project to answer initial questions about the project that will define all subsequent development phases. Phase 0 projects result in a clear path forward.
      • Prototyping is fundamental to our development approach. We apply Lean Principlesto product development similar to those featured in The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, which means every prototype serves a purpose and provides critical findings for iterative development.
      • We employ cutting edge design and development tools, like Virtual Reality Prototyping.

      Our Philosophy

      • Explore Multiple Concepts Early
      • Prototypes Should Have a Purpose
      • Iterate Quickly
      • Testing Feeds Iteration
      • Build-Test-Learn
      • If In Doubt, Build It (and test it)
      • Testing Should Be Documented
      • Speed Matters
      • Quality Matters
      • Collaboration Is Critical

      Modern Development Tools

      • Cutting-edge software tools enable us to deliver world-class 3D models and CAD, high-fidelity renderings, and complete electronics design packages.
      • On-site shop dedicated to prototype builds and testing – e.g. 3D printers, electronics lab, enable us to quickly produce a wide variety of prototypes and small-batch production units.
      • We leverage Virtual Reality as a tool for design reviews and design collaboration with clients. VR has become a valuable tool that saves time and money in the development process.

      Design, Engineering, and Prototyping Tools

      • 3D CAD and Modelling: Solidworks
      • FEA (linear and non-liner): Solidworks
      • File Management: Solidworks PDM
      • Hi-Fidelity Rendering: Keyshot
      • Electronics Design: Altium Pro
      • FDM 3D Printing: Stratsys uPrint Pro SE
      • SLA 3D Printing: Formlabs Form2
      • Electronics and Mechanical Labs
      • Tethered VR: HTC Vive
      • Standalone VR: Oculus Quest