SGW Designworks Clients Recognized at 14th Annual Idaho Innovation Awards

By SGW Team

“A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance.”

— Gary Hamel, Management Consultant

This year, 2019, marked the 14th annual Idaho Innovation Awards program, which was organized by Stoel Rives LLP, Trailhead, and the Idaho Technology Council (ITC). 

SGW Designworks CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Gray usually participates on the selection committee for the Idaho Innovation Awards, which honor groundbreaking innovations and innovators. Here’s how it works: People in the local business community nominate people and companies for awards within five categories — Innovative Company of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Early-Stage Innovation of the Year, Commercialized Innovation of the Year, and Consumer Product of the Year. The selection committee identifies the top three within each category, and then the entire committee votes to determine the winners.

This year we had to recuse ourselves from most of the selection process because several of our clients were nominated for Idaho Innovation Awards. A total of 8 out of 17 nominations in the business-related categories were SGW clients, and two of the 2019 Idaho Innovation Awards category winners were SGW clients / projects. These are:

  • PreView Side Defender®II by PRECO Electronics (Commercialized Innovation of The Year Award)
  • Joule Case by Joule Case, Inc. (Early Stage Innovation of the Year Award)

Read our case study detailing PRECO’s PreView Side Defender.

PRECO Preview Side Defender
PRECO Preview Side Defender

It is affirming to know that the product development work we are doing at SGW is meaningful to Idaho businesses. Some of the most innovative organizations in the state ask us to help them make their products real. And we are proud of that! 

The full list of nominees for the Idaho Innovation Awards is confidential, but many of them relate to current or recent projects at SGW Designworks. Here is a complete list of the winners for 2019.

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