Product Technical Documentation

Support Your Business with Product Documentation

How do you ensure customers know how to use your product? How can you help an installer avoid breaking components? How can you help yourself avoid litigation?

Good product technical documentation and user guides can be a valuable tool to address all these questions and more.

Product Technical Documentation is critical, but often overlooked, a component of many products. Having good technical documentation can be the key to a successful installation. It can also be the helpful information that saves you money down the road. In some cases, (such as with some safety products) it can even be a tool to help avoid litigation.

The right product technical documentation can even be used to help train staff, standardize company terminology and provide a unified voice that can be used as a marketing tool.

For every project, development of documentation prior to launch is necessary to ensure problems are minimized.

At SGW Designworks, our team has experience at all levels of documentation development. Our staff knows what craftsmen need when on the job as well as what an engineer wants in a manual versus what a consumer wants.

We know how to anticipate the needs of a consumer taking their new product out of the box as well the needs of a machinist working to make parts. The right documentation can help its intended audience achieve a variety of results efficiently, all while staying safe.

As with every project, SGW Designworks approaches we know that function is just as important as appearance, and even when it comes to developing technical documentation we pride ourselves on creative attractive documents to meet user needs and give them a professional edge.

End users and installers notice quality as well as branding, and documentation is a simple but effective way to convey both. Consider any time you have seen the box or marketing material for an Apple product, you can instantly identify what it is. This is because Apple has a very high quality of documentation and it is built around their well-defined brand.

Luckily, quality documentation is accessible to any company and SGW Designworks has experience blending the technical needs of our clients with the end-user needs.

Give your customers, product, field technicians and employees the support they need to be successful and build your brand in the process.

For more information on technical documentation solutions, or to learn how SGW Designworks can help you, get started today and contact us!