Mechanical Design – Ag-Tech Product

Improved functionality and reduced cost in ~ 3 months

Client – Bayer Crop Science (a division of The Bayer Group) – a Fortune 500 company

Expertise Applied


The Crop Sciences division of The Bayer Group had been using a special piece of laboratory equipment which was no longer available for purchase. As R&D operations expanded, Bayer R&D scientists needed to find a new way to source the equipment.


SGW Designworks analyzed the existing equipment, and developed a design that would function in a similar fashion, but with targeted functional improvements. SGW also built complete units, selling them to Bayer on an ongoing basis.

Vacuum Seed Capture Device
Vacuum Seed Capture Device

Results / Outcomes

  • Improved functionality of the device, plus a new and reliable source to produce units for Bayer


For farmers, every seed that fails to grow is money lost and Bayer scientists work to ensure each batch of seeds produces the highest yield possible. This requires speed and precision on the part of Bayer teams and a tool that can keep up with the pace while providing the ideal result every time. These devices need to be built durable and easy to maintain ensuring they provide value to their users.

The SGW Designworks team was approached by Bayer Crop Science to design and build a piece of custom research equipment to add efficiency in their laboratories. The device was to be an improved vacuum suction system used to plant large numbers of seeds accurately and consistently in a lab environment.

The optimized design developed by SGW Designworks was made in a more precise manner than the device it was replacing, allowing it to collect tiny individual seeds. The modified device was also optimized to provide even suction.

Machined Plastic PartsSolidworks Simulation / FEA
Complete Functional UnitsSolidworks 3D Modelling