Mechanical Design – Consumer Smartphone Accessory

Initial manufacturing and design engineering package in ~ 3 months

Client – TripleThink USA – an early-stage technology business

Expertise Applied


TripleThink USA approached SGW Designworks for help developing the AUUG Motion Synth, a device that allows an iPhone or iPod Touch to be used as an expressive musical instrument. Specific project challenges included a requirement to accommodate new as well as legacy i-devices with varying geometry.


Due to a small initial order volume (for Kickstarter fulfillment), SGW Designworks provided an initial manufacturing and design engineering package that was optimized to limit tooling expenditure.

Product Engineering Design Engineering

Results / Outcomes

  • Multiple prototype and testing cycles led to the optimal design and feature set
  • The AUUG Motion Synth‘s Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in 2013
  • The product was featured in an Apple TV Ad in 2014


Product engineering and product prototype projects can be fairly involved. Some clients prefer to tackle the entire new product development process in a single step while others prefer to execute the project in stages or phases. A typical product development project includes initial conceptual design, rapid prototyping, design iteration and functional engineering, functional prototyping, design for manufacture, and manufacturing planning. Whether your business is well established or just entering its first year, SGW Designworks works to find a development solution that fits.

Hardware Developed Technologies Leveraged
Precision sheet metal partsSolidworks 3D CAD
Sewn fabric strapRapid sheet metal prototpying
Phone capture mechanism