Product Development – Construction Equipment

Complete product design, from concept to launch in ~18 months

Client – Correct Cut – a startup

Expertise Applied


Correct Cut had identified an opportunity to develop and launch a miter saw stand that would enable carpenters to make very precise angle-cuts on the job site. The system would need to meet specific goals for portability, precision, and compatibility with commercially available miter saws. But they did not have an internal development team to design and engineer the system.


Using our proven product development process, we developed concepts, prototyped them, tested them, and finalized a system design that met the target functional specifications.

Correct Cut Saw System
Correct Cut Saw System

Results / Outcomes


The Correct Cut system is a collapsing stand for miter saws that has an integrated measuring system and display. They system provides real time measurement and angle calculations for cutting trim, framing lumber, and more with high precision and without a tape measure. Many products that we develop have competing functional requirements. This was the case for the Correct Cut project. The system needed to include a combination of features that would be challenging to achieve:

  • Collapsibility to fit in a truck bed
  • Low system weight
  • Compatibility with multiple commercially available saws
  • Incorporation of a high-precision measuring system and display
  • Fast setup and take-don on the job site
  • Durability suitable for use in construction

The two high-risk areas were system weight and identifying a measuring sensor suitable for the application. To achieve low system weight and high durability, SGW Designworks chose sheet steel as the primary material. The team developed specific geometry to provide stiffness where needed, and low weight throughout. Folding and collapsing mechanism were incorporated into the design, requiring a lot engineering analysis to find the right balance between stability and weight. Multiple prototype and test cycles helped validate assumptions along the way.

Product design for construction equipment
Correct Cut in the set-up position

Identifying and integrating an optimal sensor system was a challenge. We chose a belt-driven encoder and developed a clever collapsing mechanism for the belt system. This provided high precision, high durability, serviceability, and collapsibility.

correct cut collapsed
Correct Cut with saw installed, in the collapsed position

The Correct Cut system was successfully launched. It provides builders and carpenters with the speed, precision, and portability that was originally envisioned by the company founder.

Hardware Developed Technologies Leveraged
Bent Sheet Metal AssembliesSolidworks Simulation / FEA
Digital Measuring System and DisplaySmall Scale Prototyping
Collapsing MechanismsFull Scale Prototyping