Nonstop to Taiwan: Cementing a Manufacturing Partnership with Megaforce

By SGW Team

In recent months, you may recall reading about our new manufacturing management service offering, or seeing press coverage of our MOU signing with Taiwan-based manufacturer Megaforce. Developing this manufacturing partnership has required much work behind the scenes here at SGW Designworks, but we also determined that a visit to Megaforce headquarters in Taiwan was an important next step.

And so we boarded a plane for Taipei City, with the goal of cementing our manufacturing partnership with Megaforce and discussing important details about how our companies will work together. 

“We achieved that and more,” says Ryan Gray, SGW Designworks CEO and Co-Founder. “Megaforce is a trusted affiliate of ours, and we are excited about what their capabilities will mean to our clients.”

Getting an Inside Look at Megaforce Operations

Early in our visit, we toured Megaforce’s Taiwan facility. Overall, we saw consistent attention to detail and quality control throughout the company’s manufacturing processes. 

Megaforce generally designs and builds its own production tooling for molded parts. This includes advanced FEA and CFD to ensure that tooling works right the first time. (This is a differentiator in the Asian market.)

SGW manufacturing partnership with Megaforce
SGW Designworks CEO Ryan Gray with Allen Tseng, Assistant Project Manager, and Eric Chen, Megaforce’s Director of Biomedical Business Unit, in one of the clean rooms where they will be assembling medical devices.

Additionally, Megaforce has a robust supply chain that allows the company to provide things beyond its own internal capabilities. We visited some of their suppliers, including companies producing stamped metal parts with progressive dies, specialty electronics manufacturers, and aerospace machine shops. This gives us confidence that Megaforce is in a good position to produce or source the wide breadth of products we work on at SGW Designworks.

Industrial Cooperation: Meetings with Governor Little and Taiwanese Officials

Our trip also coincided with the timing of Governor Brad Little’s first official trade mission to Taiwan, and SGW Designworks was honored to accompany the governor and his staff as a member of the delegation. This meant attending a number of ceremonies, including an Industrial Cooperation 2019 MOU signing, where we provided a short presentation. 

The experience was nothing short of surreal. “It was a pleasure to be a part of the pageantry, and to be covered on local Taiwanese press,” says Gray.

Here’s a look at the story/video in case you missed it.

To learn more about Megaforce and its goals, the governor and a number of his staffers joined us at their headquarters for a presentation by the company’s chairman. Despite Governor Little’s demanding schedule, we appreciated Governor Little’s presence at this event and his engagement with the leadership at Megaforce.

While in Taiwan, we also had a chance to present at Nankang Biotech Incubation Center. There were a number of interesting biotech companies there – primarily startups — working on some pretty innovative stuff (just like at incubators here in the U.S.). It looks like we may even work with one business there on developing a new product – but more on that later.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for This Manufacturing Partnership?

Megaforce has three new facilities under construction, in Taiwan, Mexico, and China — and these capabilities will only continue to grow. So, as we reflect on our experience in Taiwan and our interactions with Megaforce, we are confident in their capabilities and look forward to further developing this manufacturing partnership. “Every time I meet with Megaforce, we find new ways to collaborate,” says Gray. “We are going to be partnering in new ways to bring new capabilities to SGW Designworks clients – more to come on that soon!” 

Combined with our U.S. partners, our relationship with Megaforce means we now have manufacturing solutions for just about anything. Reach out to us to learn more about how our network of trusted manufacturers can accelerate your product development project. 

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